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"The Insight" A Journey of Thoughts ,कवयित्री श्वेता सिंह की कलम से शॉर्ट स्टोरी...

कवयित्री श्वेता सिंह की कलम से शॉर्ट स्टोरी...

"The Insight"

A Journey of Thoughts

          Rohan was driving his new car at a speed of 40 km/hour. When fog reduces the visibility on the spiral road towards Manali this speed is very fast and dangerous indeed. He, however, maintained speed as if the vehicle was under cruise control. Although Rohan was looking very calm but one could predict his state of mind by the music played on the infotainment system of his motor vehicle. These days one's emotions are also driven by technology and soon the human kind would require a servomechanism to upgrade its sentiments.

Rohan wanted to reach his destination as early as possible. With every minute that passed he was feeling restless. He saw his golden watch again that was now showing 6:20am. At the blink of an eye he saw a big shining object about to strike in front of his car. He pushed the brakes with full force. His mind evaluated a big bang quickly and thought it is all over now. His eyes closed and hands covered his forehead to safeguard himself from the strike. All this happened within a second. But nothing had touched his car. Rohan tried hard to control his breath. He looked all around but found nothing. He, then, repeatedly, turned off and turned on the headlights of his car. The light pierced through the fog as far as it could but there was nothing except the dense fog.

He stopped there for some time then unlocked the dashboard where a 9 mm handgun was lying along with his mobile phone. He looked in the rear view mirror and said "It is 21st December today! Happy birthday to you" and smiled mysteriously....


Rohan and Kian, his business partner, were finalizing this latest project. It was a prestigious project for their company which was facing slowdown in manufacturing industry.

Kian: It is where we start production and this launch will be a surprise for everyone in a scenario where not a single company is willing to launch a new product.

Rohan: I believe that the fusion of technology and tradition will attract a wide range of buyers. I will examine this model considering every minute detail once again. We can't afford even a minor lapse.

Kian: You are right. What about your trip?

Rohan: I can't delay this project, Kian. It is a golden chance for us....


Rohan was busy with his laptop sitting on a sofa at his home. Riya came there and sat down beside him. Rohan smiled and said "looking beautiful!"

Riya: Thanks!! But will this change my question? Rohan, are you coming with me?

Rohan: Can't you understand Riya? I am searching for gold. It brings me peace.

Riya: Okay! Tell me Rohan, how much 'gold' is enough for a life time? I wish you could estimate it someday. If not, then try to eliminate this difference between us. Your peace is 'the gold' while my peace is only 'the peace' which either is there limitlessly or is not present at all....


Kian: Rohan! You worked very hard for this project. This model has been a huge success. We made history due to your conviction.

Rohan: Thank you Kian. It is a team work. Nothing less is your contribution in realisation of this concept. But at this time of celebration I am missing something.

Kian: I know, it is your trip with Riya.

Rohan: She has gone without me, determined not to return.

Kian: Oh! You never told me that. You should immediately go there to bring her back.

Rohan: Not really Kian. She is too stubborn to come back. I can cover the distance between places but cannot eliminate the difference of opinions.

Kian: Rohan, I would suggest that you at least try to reduce the distance. Please visit her once....


Rohan looked in the rear view mirror and said "It is 21st December today! Happy birthday to you" and smiled mysteriously. Then, from the dashboard, he took his golden mobile phone kept near his licensed 9 mm handgun. He dialed Riya's phone number but received no response. He left a voice message:

"Riya, I never understood the difference between the wishes and the wants till you left me alone. I always wished to be with you but the difference between my 'gold' and your 'gold' always stopped me. Today, I understood this difference.

Few minutes ago, I visualized a big golden statue about to collide with my car. I stopped but there was nothing around. Here is a sharp turn and a deep gorge just a meter ahead which I couldn't see.

'Gold' has saved my life today but there is no 'gold'."

Rohan received a text message on his mobile phone: "Happy Birth Day Rohan" from Riya.

Rohan smiled and started his journey once again.

©2020, Shweta Singh